Monday, December 3, 2012

Parties & Elves...

I had a great and very busy weekend! 
Friday night was my "Girlie Whirlies" Christmas Party.
7 out of 10 of us girlies were able to make it, the other 3 are out of town and state so its much
harder for them to get to Springfield. 
Back row: Kelley, Jennifer, Ginger, Lynette
Front row: me, Jeena, Marla
We have all been the best of friends for over 18 years!
That's a long time!! 
(I can't believe we're even old enough to say we are friends of 18 yrs!)
Ginger, me and Marla
Sweet Ginger!
Pretty Jeena!
We all talked the next day and all of our tummy's were sore from laughing so much, as you can see from the above picture!
The yearly party is always at Ginger and Rob's house. 
Poor Rob, I know he loves us all but I also know we have to get on his last nerve!
He's the one that takes the group pics of us girls.
I don't know how many more years we are going to be able to this pyramid but
for as long as we've known each other we've done it and we will until we can't!
Love my Girlie Whirlies and hope we are together forever! 
Then Saturday night I went over to my Sister, Emily's house and made 
Gingerbread houses with her 4 kids!
Here is Cade, he is the oldest of the 4.
Here is sweet Mollie, one of the M & M twins.
My sweet, sweet Ellie...
Then there is the other twin, Max "tank"!
Loves to eat, a lot! 
Max ate more than he used on his house as you can see!
Going in for more....
there ya go, at least one he actually got on the house!
The finished house...
I hope to make this a yearly tradition with these four! 

The Elves have come to stay for the holiday's at the Sivils house!
Ernie then Bernice
Ernie is here for Henry and Dan.
He is a young teenage elf, that is at a house for his first time and not only is he a teenager but he's also watching a teenager for Santa. Here is Ernie with the tape gun (story below this pic) with a letter from Santa.  With the snap of his nose he made the milk green. 
The morning he showed up, he used my work tape gun to tape Henry in his 
bedroom. When Henry woke up and was coming down to eat breakfast before school he walked
right into clear packing tape. I of course thought this was funny but being 17 an 6:45 am, 
Henry did not.
But that's okay... he will learn to love Ernie, I just know it! 
Here is Ernie for Dan... he turned Dan's milk green too and wrote of the milk carton.
As well as he tried to take Dan's pillow over one night. 
I love Ernie! 

Then to my surprise, I walk into my bathroom to find a little female elf!
Needles to say I was over the moon! 
My very own elf, Bernice, who is keeping an eye on my for the holiday season.
This is how I met her, holding my Advair (asthma med I take everyday), just
waiting for me! 
Day 2 she was on my night stand trying to reach santa but she brought in a few of my snow globals and my childhood teddy bear to keep her company! 
Day 4 I found her in my closet hugging my grandma's teddy bear that I got last year when she died. 
(Dan said the bear was sad so Bernice hugged him most of the day.)
(Won't bore you with all the days, just my favorite days)

Ernie decided that he wanted to make a bed, a very soft bed so he emptied the
box of tissues and made a comfy bed. However I think he got a little to excited about all the tissues since many were not used for his bed but thrown all around the bathroom!

So later that day I walk back into my bathroom to find Bernice giving 
Ernie a spanking for all the tissue business! 
(I seriously laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!)
Bernice is a seasoned old elf and is pretty sweet, not very naughty.
She will be a good role model for Ernie.
Later that night they made "nice" together. 
The elves gathered some reindeer and
looked at the Christmas Tree lights and even added a pretty
shine heart ornament for our tree in the bedroom from them to us.

Just because you are an adult and may or may not have kids at home, or like us (with an older teenager, 17) doesn't mean you can't have the magic of elves at your home too.
Believe me, I'm just as excited about having Bernice here (thanks to my ever so sweet hubby) 
as any child would be. 
So weather you have kids or not, you might ask Santa to bring you an elf for your spouse too.
You can see all of them here at Amazon: Elf on the Shelf

Hope you will enjoy our adventures with our elves as much as we do!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooo fun!!!! I loved the photos of you and your friends!! And I loveeeeeeeeee Ernie and Bernice!!!!

Melanie said...

That is funny that you have interacting elves :)

Sounds like you are staying busy and enjoying the holiday season!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun weekend with all your friends!! Love all of the pictures of the elfs so fun!
What precious pictures with your sisters children and making the gingerbread houses together!
I'm sure all four of them has so much fun with aunt Nikki!

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