Monday, April 27, 2009

How much is that doggie in the Window?

A layout I did about Bella, our Yorkie, at our garage sale. My husband put a "for sale" tag on her for $1.00!! He got in trouble with both of us. (However she's a daddy's girl and he would not
know what to do with out her.) Have a great day!! -Nikki

Friday, April 24, 2009


Here it is... my adorable business card!! My sweet Willie-B in a Bee costume. I've fallen in love with my logo. I sure hope everyone else does too!!
We are in the middle of getting all of our papers all ready to go to press, getting files ready, checking them twice or maybe that should be twice a minute every minute of the day!! Our stamps (8 different sets) will all arrive around the middle of May. I can't wait. One of my surprise products that I'm debuting at CHA this summer, came in yesterday, all 5,000 of them. They are so great and i can't wait to start playing with them.... and I can't wait to share them with the scrapbooking/craft world!!! Hint: it's a common everyday household item that totally rocks on layouts, cards, and any crafting project!! Give up.... well you'll just have to wait a little longer!
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a layout I did of my sweet sister-in-law, Tessa, the day she married my brother Ryan. I loved this paper and knew it was perfect for this picture of Tessa. In this picture of Tessa, we, the bridesmaids, were walking to the chapel when Tessa's youngest brother called her name and peeked his head around the corner to see her one last time before the ceremony. It was such a sweet moment, he even asked her if it was OK to hug her. I think all of us girls had tears in our eyes as we watched this sweet moment between a "big" sister and her "little" brother. -Nikki

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Birthday layout....

I never feel comfortable making a 2 page l/o, I'm definitely a one page l/o girl!!! But, every once in awhile I feel like I need to do one, then I end spending hours arranging and rearranging pictures and I never quite get the feel down for it. So I usually end up using a Becky Higgins sketch; however this is not her sketch, it's mine. (Of which you have probably figured that out by now.)tee hee
This is my niece, Alex and her birthday is just a few days after Christmas. So we try and make a big deal of it since it follows such a big holiday. The pictures from this l/o are from this past December. -Nikki

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!

I know that I've share the l/o above with you all before, but since it's Easter here it is again!!
Happy Easter to all...............

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dan's 40th b-day layout...

I've been trying to do this l/o for over a year now, and finally finished it at CKC STL last weekend! Not my most creative page..... I was getting tired when I started this one!! However I do like my candles and stitched "40". Since Dan we be 42 this June I figured I should get this l/o finished! tee hee More to come.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bella is...

Here is a page is recently did about our little sweet pea, not!! Well, she can be, but she is a terrier too!!!!! I didn't want to cut up or cover up this great paper, so I cut out the center and and put Bella's picture from the bottom up. I hand stitched the yellow circles and used a sewing machine on the edges after sanding, tearing and inking the edges too. Then I just started putting rhinestones, brads and stickles everywhere. I even put a "full length" photo of Bella under the little frame with a bow on top! The journaling, I had to think about b/c again I didn't want to cover up this cool paper, so I wrote "Bella is" on the small blue petals, then wrote the rest of the sentence on the larger blue flower petals. I'm lovin' this l/'s all kinda crazy and wild!! Bye Bye -Nikki


I seem to be so busy working on "Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker LLC", that I haven't really had the chance to be very creative lately so............. my sweet husband sent me to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in St. Louis for 3 days!! This took place last weekend and my birthday was last Friday so it was a perfect time to chill out and just play. And that's excatly what I did... I took some FUN classes like "Boy Fun" and "Girl Fun" that Kim from Keller's Creations, taught. Not only is she a sweetheart, but the 2 wall hangs I made in her class are adorable! I'll post them tomorrow. (and if you want to check out her store you can go to I went to the Friday night crop and sat with 2 ladies that I became instant friends with, and we've even emailed a few times since I've been back home. (Hi...Dawn and Julia!!) Also met up with 2 of my "online" friends, Steph and Christie, Hi to both of you too! We went to lunch and did a little shopping. But, I have to say that the best part of my weekend was that I entered CK's card contest and used my new stamp set that I created, from my first paper line called, "My Sweet Cherry Pie", this line will debut this summer, and it won!! It was so exciting and I felt like it gave me a little validation that I might be on the right track with my paper line and the matching stamp set that goes with it!!!
The next best part of my weekend was I kinda skipped the Saturday night crop and ordered room service, and scrapbooked until 1 am.... I watched 3 movies on HBO and just played and played!!!!!! (I'll post everything I made tomorrow.)
Well I guess that's it for now. See ya soon, Nikki
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