Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I did this layout for a challenge on the CKMB for the HOF Little Yellow Bicycle Challenge, and I won!! I got to pick any book off the CK website, and I chose Lisa B's new 50 moments book. I'm so glad I entered this challenge b/c I got to try stuff by LYB company for the first time. I loved all the papers, stickers and ribbon. Very good quality, the ribbon didn't fray when I cut it and the papers are nice and thick. I'll diffently use their products again.
This page I love b/c Henry and Bella are so intensely watching their Dad relocate a huge turtle we found. Hope you enjoy this L/O!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I've been asked this question several times, and after much thought I have an answer, and I picked this layout to use as one of my examples.
I made this page for a CKC contest about a defining moment in my life. And I've had many defining moments but, lately it's been the death of my Yorkie. Who just died in March. So one main reason why I scrapbook is to express myself through photo's, color and words. When I see color, I feel, and most colors are an expression of emotion for me. So let me explain better, here in this l/o I those a black title due to the death of my dog, and black has many different feeling for me when paired with other colors, but in this l/o with the cream background it's sadness. I then chose a red checked pattern paper that makes me feel love, and sadness, but the checkered part feels more like confusion. So combined together would be grief. I tore the paper, b/c my heart was torn apart! I stitched half way around the paper with a light blue floss to give a feeling of softness, and I used white for the journaling and the name on the file, b/c it represents the loss of a young life (he was only 6 yrs old). So this is just a few things that go through my head when I put a layout together. This continues on below, with a picture of the file door open.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When I made this file folder, I decided to make it brown to keep it neutral and balanced on the layout. I used the the striped paper on the inside of the folder to pull in the red outside paper, which brought the feelings of love and loss, and the light blue stitching that brings in the softer side of my "boy" and it also reminds me of our tender moments together. I wanted the reader to stay in the "moment" of the journaling and not be distracted by the colors inside the file folder. I hope you all enjoyed reading my "WHY" I choose these colors or papers. Scarpbooking for me is more than just pictures on a paper, or even a "craft", it's my expression of my feelings at that moment in the form of the colors I use on my layouts and designs.
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