Friday, September 19, 2008

Askinosie Chocolate...

My journaling reads:
I believe that at the end of a long hard day all you need is a little Askinosie Chocolate and some puppy love!!!
This may be one of my favorite layouts! I just love that my little Yorkie is on my pink skirt wishing she could have some yummy chocolate too! Shawn Askinosie is a friend I met through my husband and not only is he a great chocolate maker he's a real sweetie also. I'm lucky to be able to live in the same city as his chocolate factory. So thanks Shawn for your great chocolate and for your friendship!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you mean NO?

I took a bone away from my Yorkie and this was her reaction. She looked at me like I was crazy! I stamped the title with white ink the used glitter glue to go over each letter. I loved the look it gave this layout. And I love this little Yorkie too!

MY 2 week date...

Still can't smile with an open mouth, but this is my first day with make-up and my 2 week appt. with my surgeon . Feeling and looking more like myself everyday!! My lower lip and chin still have NO feeling, which is driving me crazy!! You should see me eat my "soft" foods! I need a bib!! Well, it's not that bad but having no feeling, means not knowing if there is any food on your lip or chin!! LOL I've lost 9 of the 10 lbs I put on for the surgery, and seem to be losing about a pound a day! That's the best part of Jaw surgery, getting those last few pounds off that usually take forever!! However I don't recommend getting Jaw surgery!!
Again thanks for all your love and prayers!
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