Friday, March 14, 2014


I have to say this is one of the better chocolate cakes I've ever made! So moist and really easy to make/bake! (Recipes below.) I didn't use the icing recipe that was with the cake recipe b/c I didn't want chocolate icing I wanted Vanilla Buttercream icing!! YUM!
Tip: )most of you might know this already but I got this from my mom) Once the cakes are cooled and ready for the icing, place the first cake upside down so the rounded top is on the plate bottom, then ice the top (which will be flat b/c its the bottom of the cake). Then once iced do the same with the top cake, so the flat bottom is on top. Why do this... well its for looks only! LOL... so, it really doesn't matter, but it does make a really pretty cake, that's perfectly round and portioned. 

Put all the icing left on top of the cake then ice the cake from the center out to the sides and edges. 
Now that you've got a beautiful cake... its time to dig in!!
The Best Chocolate Cake Ever Recipe from: Add A Pinch
Quick and Yummy Buttercream icing from: Food Network

Hope you have a great weekend... sit back relax, eat cake and check out the March edition of Create Magazine (it is free)!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pictures Aren't Great But The Memories Are... Who Cares, Scrap Them Anyway!!

This layout is a great example of "not" great pictures but fantastic memories!!
My nephew, Noah and I were playing with my Polaroid camera and he was amazed that the pictures, how they came out of the camera and that he could hold them too. We had so much fun that day playing outside and inside but I was so busy being an Aunt that I didn't take any really great pictures so these little Polaroids and one iPhone picture was it! So cares?! The memories will last forever so scrapbook them anyway!! 

I'm so happy I decided to scrapbook these little pictures so I can always remember our time together but especially on that day! When our kids, nieces, nephews and whoever else looks back at our albums they are going to be looking at the pictures more then the actual layout so don't get caught up in the "my pictures aren't good enough to scrapbook" because really its all about the memories of that day not the quality of the photos!! 
Products used: My Minds Eye, Jenni Bowlin, Little Yellow Bicycle, Am Crafts, and Glue Arts. 
Happy Hump-day!! 
Don't forget the check out the March edition of Create Magazine!
Its free and filled with so much inspiration!! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Edition of Create Magazine!!

I'm so excited to announce the March issue of Create Magazine! 
I love being on this design team but I love the magazine even more! Create is packed full of projects, sketches and great info. Go check it out! 
Here is a sneak of my 3 layouts I created in this months magazine:
This one is: "It's a Party! 
This one is: "Smile Jacob"
and the last one: "She is Family"
Go check out the great work of many ladies in this months issue!! 

Have a great day!! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

9 Years Old and Lookin' Good!!

Our sweet Savannah, was tied to a tree and abused, that's how I first found her. Rubber bands around her muzzle, caked in mud and her own fecal waste up to her knees. After convincing the owners that I JUST HAD TO HAVE HER THAT SHE REMINDED ME OF MY CHILDHOOD DOG (which was a wee bit of a lie because I had a German Shepherd) and many tears about why I had to have her they finally sold her to me for $30 (a few more than they had in her, so they said)! I think really they just wanted this crazy crying lady off their front porch! LOL! It worked because she was home with me and bathed within an hour of driving up, to their house. Savannah has been a blessing to us since then. She's a bit camera shy and doesn't like people or objects in her face, I'm guessing that stems from the abuse, so it's really hard to get a picture of her but sometimes when she's not paying attention I can snap a few pics. Like these that I took of her on my chair on the back porch. Savannah is a beautiful lab mix, only weights about 43 lbs loves to sun herself and hunt squirrels!
Below is just one of the many layouts I've created using her pictures. 

I love this pattern paper by Bella Blvd with sweet words typed in throughout the paper. 
Products used: Bella Blvd, Maya Road, Nikki Sivils, Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey, 

Have a great week!! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Day with Lanie

Last week Lanie called and asked if I'd join her for a food tasting for her wedding that will take place this Spring. I, of course jumped at the chance to spend some time with her. We had so much fun, many laughs and I realized how much I miss having her working with me everyday! I'm so excited for her upcoming wedding.  Lanie got some GREAT news today as well, she  has been in the fight of her life battling cancer over the last year and half, and today she found out all the tumors in her pelvis and abdomen are gone and the other tumors are small and stable. This is such great news!! So please keep her in your daily prayers!!
Here are a few pics of our day together...
The food....
Regular and sweet potato martini's (no alcohol)! 

The wedding tasting crew!
We love you Lanie! Can not wait to see you walk down the isle. 
Guess who turned 9?!
Our sweet Savannah! She is such a love and requires so little, Savannah has really been the worlds best dog! Here's to another 9 years my sweet girl!! 

We love you Savy!! 

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