Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July, Really!!

It can't be July 2nd!! Didn't Summer just get started? 
Anyone have any great summer vacations or plans for this month?
We have a few little weekender trips coming up and have thought about taking our 
5th wheel up north to Montana for a week, but no firm plans yet. 
It has been a busy summer, like all summers are, I guess! 
I got to do a little babysitting of my new niece, Emrie Lee Hilton.
Its hard to get her away from her parents, LOL... they really seem to like her!
Love those baby toes sticking up from the seatbelt! She's so sweet and all
girlie! Love her!
I came down with a horrible virus and had to be hospitalized for 
6 days! Yes, 6 days! It was awful, thought I'd never stop throwing up.
I'm feeling much better now, have to take it easy and my tummy seems to be a
bit weak still but my doctor thinks that's really normal after such a monster of a virus!
Good news is that once I was home from the hospital we've had very cool
temps for the midwest! Normally this time of the year you can't be outside unless 
you are near a pool or lake. We have no humidity, which in its self is nuts and the evenings are
in the 50's. If only we could have this for the entire summer, but it will end next week so I'm enjoying 
every single second I can right now!  
We went to Memphis for a weekend to go to Graceland (I'm a huge Elvis fan).
Stayed at a Graceland RV resort, and every street was named after an Elvis song, so fun.
Loved this parking sign at the rv park! Everything was Elvis, and so fun. I have to admit this was
my 4th trip to Graceland, but my hubby had never gone so I managed to talk him into it and 
he couldn't even believe all the Elvis stuff. It was a good trip and Dan actually enjoyed it,
but as I left I realized this was most likely my last trip to Graceland! No one else to talk
into going! LOL!! 
I had to share this picture of Bella-Bella! We took all four of the dogs to Memphis
with us and this is Bella being well, Bella! Pretty much letting me know that her
dad and her have a good thing going on the table in our 5th wheel and doesn't need me to
interfere with them. She's totally telling me to back off with her look and stance. 
I did, I left them alone even though I know she shouldn't have been on the table. 
Sometimes we pick our battles and this one I just let go of. 

I wanted to share this layout with you all created by: 
Adri du Preez from South Africa. She did such a lovely layout
with my It's Raining, It's Pouring collection. 
Love all the little details Adri put into this layout. 

Hope you have a great and safe 4th of July!! 

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