Monday, August 31, 2009

Business first then pleasure....

Business first.... is this not the cutest little money tin!! My oh so very talented design team diva, Mimi Leinbach made this for her sons lunch money!! When I saw it I fell in love with it!! Who doesn't need one of these for school!!

Victoria's mom had to work on Saturday so she came to Aunt Nikki and Uncle Danny's house for the morning...... and boy oh boy did we have fun.... playing with the dogs,

playing cards with Uncle Danny,

sitting in the grass with Uncle Danny,

playing with sticks with Uncle Danny!!! Do you see the running theme in these pictures, that's right, all Victoria wanted was her Uncle Danny!!! I was chopped liver!!! (But I still love her to death!!)

Then on Sunday, Heather and I went to the American Idol concert in KC!! WooHoo!!

And I got to meet and get my picture taken with my "TV" boyfriend, DANNY GOKEY!!!!

and with Kris, the winner of American Idol!! But did you see the picture above this one with Danny Gokey.......... Ahhhhhhh I was one happy girl!! More on this later!! Oh and more pics later too!! I'm soooooo very tired and need to go to bed!!!! Goodnight!! -Nikki

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Sign!!!

I'm so happy my new signs are here!! I picked them up today and I love them!!
Retail stores that carry my products can hang them in their store window!!

Dan snapped this picture of me smiling at my new sign, it's a little out of focus, but it says exactly how I was feeling!! A little disbelief, and a lot HAPPY!!
Oh and see that sweet necklace around my neck, my new friend Beth Perry made it for me and I got it in the mail today...... and I love it!! (Beth sent me two of them and I can't wait to wear the other one tomorrow.) Thanks Beth!!

Henry's first day of 8th grade was Tuesday!! So our schedules have changed, up at 6am, it's still dark out as you can see!! Isn't he all cute and ready for his day...

Henry has to hold a sign every year that says what grade he's in, his age, what school he's going too, along with everyone else in the family (even the furry ones)!! I don't think he was overly happy to do this on his first day back, but it's better than me following him to school and taking pictures of him walking in his school!!

One last picture.... this is of Dan who got together a huge order today for a distributor in Canada! (We have a new lady working for us now that Caitlin is back to college, Lanie is her name and we love her.) Anyway, I needed Lanie to be helping me out today with some projects so that left Dan alone in the "Shipping" department.... and look at all that trash on my floor!! He was like a little tornado going through our home/business!! Then I caught them just looking at the floor, like he didn't really want to pick up all the mess he had created, but he knew he had to anyway!! That's when I snapped the picture of him!! Love it!! Have a goodnight!! -Nikki

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back...

I've had such a great week, very productive!!
Four of my six paper lines are completed!! Woo Hoo!! That's not to say that I won't change my mind a thousand times before we go to press... (right Heather)!!!
I spent some time with this little thing yesterday; Victoria and I played "house" with her little playhouse!! She is getting so big and very VOCAL!!!

Yes, I got in her little play house too...

I think Victoria might be getting tired of me taking her picture all the time. Look at her face, it's like "hey, get that camera out of my face aunt Nikki"!!! I love her!!

I had to join in on the card making fun too... These cards
are from my Henry's Brilliance paper line and I used my "Cutie Cut-Ups" project cards to make these and of course added a little embellishing to them. Hilde and the DT girls did a great job on all their cards and Hilde will be back to do another challenge next month!! Thanks Hilde you did great on my blog!!

This picture of Henry was taken in the 3rd grade, he starts 8th grade tomorrow!!! HOLY COW.... 8TH GRADE!!!! (We start 6am wake-up calls tomorrow morning, Tuesday. Where did our summer go.)

I had to share these two projects with you all. The one above was created by Nathalie Leonelli on my DT and the one below was created by Susan Dupre, who is also on my DT!! I loved them both so much!! Love the 6x12 layout about Nathalie's son taking the couch apart, and who wouldn't want this platter in their home!! Seriously cute!!! Love the horseshoe above the door, I have one above my door, so it will bring me good luck all year!!

I have a lot going on the next few months, I'm going to be teaching in five different states, one of which I'm going to be in twice!! I'm also going to be teaching in my home state in Kansas City, MO on October 24th and that will be a ton of fun! I'll have more on those other places & dates as they all get closer. Well I think that's it for now, off to make a card for my great aunts b-day and then to bed because...... I have to be up at the crack of dawn!! Goodnight! -Nikki

Saturday, August 22, 2009

final day

Today I have 3 cards left to show you. We as a design team had so much fun showing you all the cards we created with the amazing Nikki Sivils products.
I promised to show a card on the blog created by you, so you still can leave a comment including a link to your card. Show us!!

Nadhrah Maidin
Henry's Brilliance collection

Kathleen Glossop
My Sweet Cherry Pie collection

DT member Hilde Janbroers

Friday, August 21, 2009

Victoria's Street it is!

The papers and stamps from the Victoria's Street collection are really great to use for cards. What is someone have bought a new home? Or two people are going to live together? Or even to create an invitation to a housewarming party?
Here are some cards made by the dt, don't they look awesome?

Laura Achilles
Victoria's Street Collection and Stamps

Kathleen Glossop
Victoria's Street collection and stamps

Susan Dupré
Victoria's Street collection and stamps

Ria Mojica
Victoria's Street Collection and Stamps
My Sweet Cherry Pie collection

DT member
Hilde Janbroers

Thursday, August 20, 2009

it's hot over here....

So here are some cool cards for you!

Hilde Janbroers
My Sweet Cherry Pie collection

Mette Kallander
Henry's Brilliance collection

Claude Campeau
Henry's Brilliance collection

Emeline Seet
Henry's Brilliance collection

Julie Tucker
Henry's Brilliance collection

Michelle Lanning
Henry's Brilliance collection

DT member Hilde Janbroers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A lot of cards

Today I will show you some amazing cherry cards. The collection My Sweet Cherry Pie is just so bright and happy, great to use for cards. As you can see underneath.
Have a great day!!

Nadhrah Maidin created these 2 cards using My Sweet Cherry Pie.

Anne Jo used the cherry stamp and embossing

Mimi Leinbach created this super cute card.

Deanna Misner created these two cards. Aren't they fantastic?!
The first is "Lucky Me" using:
"Cherry strips 4U" from My sweet cherry pie
"Victoria Lane" from "Victoria's Street"
red ric rac
My Sweet Cherry Pie stamps

2nd up is an ice cream cone shaped card/invitation called "Party"
For it she used:
"Cherry Brownie" and "Cherry Blast" from My Sweet Cherry Pie
"Victoria's HOuse" from "Victoria Street"
cream twill ribbon
red corduroy brad
My Sweet Cherry Pie stamps (on front and in the inside)

Hilde Janbroers

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

whoooo loves owls?

If you do you definately should get your hands on the Henry's Brilliance clear stampies! The owl is so cute. You can use it on layouts, giftwrapping and it's great on cards.
The DT used the cute owl as well. Take a look at these great cards.

Nose to the grindstone
Charity Hassel
papers; Henry's Brilliance
stamps; Henry's Brilliance

Smarty Pants
Abbie Torroll
papers; Henry's Brilliance
stamps; Henry's Brilliance

Whoo's 2?
Deana Boston
papers; My Sweet Cherry Pie & Henry's Brilliance
stamps; Henry's Brilliance

Hilde Janbroers
DT member

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all about cards!

This week the blog will be filled with cards. Amazing cards I can tell you that! I asked the Design Team girls to create a card using at least 1 Nikki Sivils stamp on it. I received so many beautiful cards, you will be amazed!

If you have some Nikki Sivils papers at home, don't be shy and create a card. Post it on your blog and leave a message including the link to your gallery. At the end of the week I will post some of your cards on the blog as well!

Here are the first cards I can show you, enjoy!!

Fall is here
Nathalie Leonelli
papers: Henry's Brilliance
stamps: My sweet cherry pie and Henry's Brilliance

Fall Days
Jana Eubank
papers: My sweet cherry Pie and Henry's Brilliance
stamps: My sweet cherry Pie

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wow... what a week!!!

Another crazy week!! I keep thinking it will slow down but it hasn't (which is a good thing)!!! I did a radio interview with the Craft Diva Lounge, that was a blast!! I was so nerves but it went great!! I've had a ton of emails from friends and family telling me they've seen my picture or one of my DT girls layouts from my booth at CHA, this is so very exciting for us!! Here are just a couple of the fun links that have been sent to us:
Creating Keepsakes Magazines Blog I'm listed under "CHA Wrap Up Day 6".
Julie Mcguffee's blog Dan and I along with Julie have a picture on her blog along with a very sweet message about my company. (Scroll down to "CHA - Craft & Hobby Show in Orlando")
Thanks to everyone who has sent me a link or message about a "sighting" it's so fun to see!!

My blog is getting ready to be taken over for about a week or so by Hilde Janbroers, she is my Design Team Leader for my International girls, and she rocks!! (Hilde did the layout above this post!!) Here is a link to her blog!! Hilde and the DT girls are going to start a new challenge on my blog. I'll let her tell you all about it, it will be so much fun!! Don't forget that Hilde is from the Netherlands and her English is good, but not perfect, so don't give her too much trouble!! She's so fun and I think everyone will enjoy her work and blog updates over here!!
Someone sent me this picture and I don't know who it was, and when I tried to "reply" to their email it came back as a "failure"!! So I just wanted to say thank you to who ever it was!! Thanks!!
So while Hilde is taking over this next week, I will be working on my spring lines and will be doing some much needed scrapbooking!! Have a great weekend, and week!! -Nikki
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