Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Alex, my brother's, girlfriends, daughter! We all love her and enjoy her. (Alex is on fire most of the time.) Miss Alex spent last Wednesday with me. We played outside, had snacks, lunch, went on a walk, played on a swing set, went to greet Henry from the school bus, took a bath, and then went to dinner. We spent the entire day together and had so much fun. Alex is all of 4 years old, and going on 16! I'm having a garage sale this weekend and Miss Alex will be there selling orange juice. I look forward to seeing her grow up and hope that my brother will make this little girl his daughter. Her mom Tonya is always a joy to be with and a great mother, I'd love to have her as a sister in law too!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Isn't this little guy the cutest thing ever! We've been dog sitting him since last Wednesday, his mom and dad went on vacation. His name is Scruffy and he has stolen our hearts! It's been nice to have a male dog around again. He weights about 5 lbs, but he thinks he weights about 500 lbs. A true terrier! Scruffy will be leaving us tonight, and we will be so sad. But, I know he will be so excited to see his mom and dad. Thanks for a great time Scruffy and you're always welcome in our home!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

CKC in STL!!

Well...I'm back from CKC in STL! I had a wonderful time, this is my favorite thing that I made. I met up with some MB-ers from CKMB and we shopped and cropped together! I just had a great time. I hope that anyone who is a scrapbooker gets the chance to go and take some classes.
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