Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years EVE!

I can't say the holiday’s were crazy busy, just the normal busy with Christmas activities. I did have a couple of stressful issues this month, which kept me from doing my normal December blogging. The main one was our little Alfred, our 13 yr old yorkie-mix rescue, developed some major breathing issues. I won’t go into all the issue this little guy has but with an enlarged heart we had to try several things or make a decision to let him go. I wasn’t going to let him suffer but also wanted to try what I could to make him better and my vet advised me along the way. I’m happy to report he’s doing real good, still has some issues, can't hear a thing, but is pain free and most importantly can breath.
This was taken yesterday, we took Alfred on a drive.
(Loves car rides!)
Not feeling well here, but resting nicely.
A "pup-accino" from Starbucks!
(Yes, just for the fur-babies in our lives, it is whip cream in a cup!)
He loves them, but who doesn't love Starbucks!
At the park on Christmas Eve, "marked" every tree in the park!

Then there’s my back, I’m having major back issues! A bulging disc at my L1/S5 lower lumbar, a degenerative disc (same spot) and arthritis in my entire lower spine. I’ve been getting epidural steroid shots (every 2 weeks), never blocker shots (6 shots at one time in my lower spine), have one more of those in a week. Some are painful and some aren’t, more annoying to me than anything as they’ve stopped me in my tracks! I’m not a sit still person so this has been a big challenge for me. Then there’s the pain, which muscle relaxers barely touch and Advil doesn’t do a thing for the pain. So I ice it off and on all day and try to do the best I can with the pain. Physical therapy has been helpful for the pain management.  I’m hoping the New Year will bring some relief.
I know this is a crazy looking picture, but this machine is awesome!
It pulls me in 2 different directions which relieves my lower spine pressure and pain. I have NO pain when strapped in this device!!
This is why I’ve been MIA when I normally do a lot of fun blogging in December.  I love doing a "favorite things" post so maybe I'll do a New Year Favorite Things instead, and maybe a giveaway too!

Here are some pictures of a few of the creative things I’ve done for December. Altered picture frames to homemade place cards!
Altered chalkboard frame:
My Unity Co-branding stamp from "Gingerbread Land" collection.
I stamped every single envelope of my Christmas Cards.
Love this stamp, you can see it or buy it here
Homemade place cards, I used library card holders with "guest check" for special note on the inside for each guest at my Christmas dinner table.
Here is a close-up of them. 
Each note had a "Why I love" that certain person.
(Products used: Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker, Jillibean Soup, Lily Bee and Bella Blvd)
 My table...
even the babies had one...
my table all set!
This is Nico's contribution to my table... 
jumped up with his front paws, grabbed the butter and ran!
Until I stopped him in his tracks, he dropped it and ran to his crate!
He knew what he did without me saying a word! 
Smart dog!!
Please have a happy and safe New Years Eve!! 
From: Nico, Savannah, Bella

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gingerbread Land Sale...

Gingerbread Land Sale:
I've had a lot of requests for more of my winter wonderland boxes but I'm not selling them any longer. Several people also indicated that they just wanted my Gingerbread Land Collection and or they NEEDED more of it for a project....
So I thought, why not just sale the one collection kit along with all four burlap buttons, blue, red, black and brown (which are great for anything).

For $20.00 
(shipping included, domestic only)

You'll get:
the complete Gingerbread Land Collection
All 4 of these buttons:

And I'll throw in a "surprise" of some kind!
The value of this is $32.00 but only $20.00 for you!
That's a great deal!

I'll ship as I get the orders, no wait time so you can get the paper ASAP!

Pay now!

Here are some project samples for Gingerbread Land:
Love this first one by Laurel, such a good idea for a hostess gift.

Gingerbread Land House by Jennifer Mattot 
Layout by: Deana Boston

Layout by: Katrina Hunt

Have a great Week!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Limo and Lights!

This year for my dad's birthday party my step-mom, Donna, decided to rent a huge SUV limo to take my sisters and our families to drive around a look at lights! This was the best idea and we all had so much fun! Like I said before I LOVE being an aunt so this was great b/c I got to be with all my nieces and nephews on the Kinney side of my family (my sisters kiddos) in one limo or as Max calls it the "lemon"!!
Ellie and Aunt Nikki
A funny face always follows...
This is Max in the "Lemon" aka.. limo
Max, Taylor and Cade....

Ellie, Mollie and Aunt Nikki
My dad and Ellie
My Dad and step-mom, Donna
Adorable little Mollie...
Family Picture (minus my sister Em's hubby who had to work late).
Dan and I
Funny face to follow, of course
My sister, Kelly, her daughter Taylor and I'm holding Ellie

My sister, Kelly, her hubby, Jeff and their daughter, Taylor...
and of course, funny faces!
Dan, Taylor (she loves her uncle Danny) and I
The back of the SUV-Limo
I had never been in a SUV Limo.... it is huge! This is a great
way to get a huge group together and see Christmas lights. 
We did it for my dad's B-day gift and it was a perfect gift. 

NSS siting this month:

Cricut Home Decor magazine 
(December issue)

By Laurel Seabrook
(Former DT Diva)

I have always been a fan of Laurel's work and I adore this project!!

Have a great weekend!!

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