Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I did this layout for a challenge on the CKMB for the HOF Little Yellow Bicycle Challenge, and I won!! I got to pick any book off the CK website, and I chose Lisa B's new 50 moments book. I'm so glad I entered this challenge b/c I got to try stuff by LYB company for the first time. I loved all the papers, stickers and ribbon. Very good quality, the ribbon didn't fray when I cut it and the papers are nice and thick. I'll diffently use their products again.
This page I love b/c Henry and Bella are so intensely watching their Dad relocate a huge turtle we found. Hope you enjoy this L/O!!

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sssalad said...

I loved this LO when I saw it on CK - I'm so glad you won the contest. How fun! I loved reading your story about rescuing the turtle too!

This is my favorite LYB paper - I just love the bright colors. Thanks for sharing!

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