Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visiting Lanie....

We loved our time with Lanie in Chicago! 
I didn't want to do an update until I had something to update about her health as well. 
Good News...
(this is from Lanie's brother)
Just heard from M D Anderson (hospital in TX). 
They advised start (already ordered meds) immediately and come back there in 8 weeks. Lanie tested positive for HLA at MD Anderson!!!! We needed some good news and this is it until total healing manifests. Praise God. Thank you, Pray-ers.

I know this doesn't make a lot of sense and I had to call Lanie to try to understand and I didn't really understand it completely I just know that she gets to start a different med that should start showing results ASAP!
Please continue to pray, she's not out of the woods, we need lots of prayers.

So now for our nice visit with Lanie...
We brought poor Savannah and well, she's not a fan of traveling.
Poor thing was so stressed and upset we had to stop 3 hours in and get some major drugs from our vet to knock her out. But this is how she started the trip... Standing!
Or hiding between Dan and the car door...
or on my lap!
But this is her drugged... you can see it all over her little drugged face!
Our drive into the city...
10 hours later... we checked in to our hotel!
Walked the lake while waiting for Lanie to get out of Dr's office...

still waiting....
Finally, a nice long visit and lunch with Lanie and her wonderful parents!
Bella LOVED the city... if you couldn't tell!
We loved Lanie's beautiful neighborhood! 
We walked it daily, luckily we had great Fall temps!
We took Lanie and her pup, Lola to the lake/beach for a nice long walk!
Also we stopped for some fun pics too!

Dogs loved the beach!
We bought these dinosaurs for Bella and Savannah.
Bella loved hers and poor Savannah, not so much.
(She just wanted to go home.)
So sad...
Love this picture I got of driving around the city.
Bella was, an is a huge fan of traveling and hotels!
This was the last morning before we checked out.
We loved our time with Lanie, and it was heartbreaking to leave.
Hoping we will get to see her during Thanksgiving!
I'm still getting "happy-mail" for Lanie! Please keep it coming!!
Also a HUGE thanks to all of you that have really been great about sending cards to me to send to Lanie! Hugs to you all!

One last picture that I just can't wait until next year to share...
Dan surprised me once again this year with this "Snow White" costume! 
So funny!! Love that man!
He is always keeping me on my toes!
I was so sick the week of Halloween so I decided to just make something from scratch via 
my closet. So I painted my face, put on a big orange shirt, made a headband pumpkin topper and bam.. a pumpkin was created! 

Have a great Day!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos from your visit!!! Poor Savannah though! :( I loveeeeeeeeeeee Dan's costume!!! That man!! LOL!!!

Kim B. said...

I always love reading your posts, there is so much heart in them and it shows just how much your love your family and friends. Keeping Lanie in my prayers. God can do such amazing things!!!

Unknown said...

OMG! I cant believe I missed this Blog post! Thank you for all the photos and update.
Praying that the new meds will work,Lanie has a quick recovery, and she doesnt have any side effects with the meds.
Love & prayers!

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