Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!

This is my favorite holiday, well one of them! 
Instead of a "normal" blog post I thought I'd share some pics from
last Halloween and pics of my house all ready for this years
(Thanks to Pinterest I created a few new decorations for the house.)

my nephew noah and i (i'm a black cat)
bella had a spider following her all day
my mom stopped by and she was a witch
dan was an inmate with his "police" dogs
but together we were the "cat-burglar" 
had a cowgirl and her cow (the cow hated his costume so it was off)
stop by (my niece, alex and nephew, jacob )
also a MU football player had a tailgate party on my driveway
(my nephew, cade)
a sweet ladybug flew by (my niece ellie)
a smelly stinkbug made his way up to my house
(my nephew, max)

a very tiny bumble-bee flittered by
(my niece, mollie)
dan and i with my sister emily's crew
(cade, ellie, max & mollie)
my brother, ryan an his wife, tessa and son, noah won the award for the most creative "family"
costume... beekeeper, queen bee & a jar of honey
cute little jar of honey, huh!

Last but not least...
my adorable little niece, taylor aka.. the ladybug!

I can't wait to see what everyone will be this year! 
I'm SO, SO, SO lucky to have such a HUGE family with
so many little ones! 

Now for my kind of creepy house this year....

My sister said these make her "gag"!
So that tells me it was a job well done!

My "Witches" station

This is the back of my front door. I ripped up black 
trash bags to make a spooky curtain.

Love my floating scary pumpkin head!

Lots of spiders this year!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!
Be safe!


barbp said...

Love the pics of everyone in costume. Hope you post the updated version soon. Have a Happy Halloween!

Kim B. said...

I totally love all the costumes. They are all so great and the house looks amazing. My favorite part though is all the great big smiles!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the pics Nikki!!! And your decor looks amazing!!! Can't wait to hear why Dan chose Snow White! lol!!

Unknown said...

Love all the costumes they all looked so adorable!
You and Dan looked so adorable!!
Love the picture of all your decorations!

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