Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Showcase on YOU...and our youngest Nikki Sivils fans ever! :)

Hi everyone! :)

This is by far my most favorite post of the month! This is the day that I get to share with you creations made by Nikki Sivils fans!! YAY! I love this day! :)  Every month, I visit blogs and galleries finding projects made with Nikki's products (and thanks to Nikki and the DT members for sending people my way too!) and then I showcase them right here on Nikki's blog every month! If you ever make a project using Nikki's products, I would LOVE for you to send them to me, so that I can showcase you also! My email address is bmwgirl@cox.net! :)

Now, as the title of my post says, I am LUCKY to have two KIDS join in our showcase this month!!! Their Moms were sweet enough to share their creations with us! :)

First we have Caitlin Marshall (Five year old daughter of Erica!) and her beautiful layout she made using Sugar Cookie! She "earned" the papers from her Mom for doing her chores! How SWEET is that!?!? :)
Isn't this BEAUTIFUL!?!? And to think, she is only 5! :)

Next, we have Nate Fisher (Four year old Son of Diana Fisher!)   and he made an ADORABLE little tag using, It's Raining, It's Pouring! I love love love how Nate used the black cutout bracket for Tubby the Turtle to have a mustache! :)  Nate says that Tubby looks a lot like Franklin the Turtle from cartoon land! :) Isn't he CUTE?!?! :)

Next, we have Caitlin and Nate's Mom's Diana Fisher and Erica Marshall! :)

Diana made these two CUTE Easter tags using It's Raining, It's Pouring! :)

And Diana made these BEAUTIFUL cards also using It's Raining, It's Pouring! :)

Erica made this GORGEOUS layout using Will He Be the 1? and U R My Favorite! :)

Erica also made two cards using Henry's Brilliance, My Friend Birdie and My Sweet Cherry Pie! LOVE these! :)

Next, we have Nancy Jones and her GORGEOUS layout that she made using It's Raining, It's Pouring! LOVE this! :)

Next, we have two BEAUTIFUL layouts and FOUR cards by TEENAGER (YAY!) Heather Adams  using the Summer line! :) Is this girl NOT AMAZING!?!? :)

Next, we have Rosy Cavaos! :) She made these MOST BEAUTIFUL Easter Gift set using Blueberry Hill! WOW! I love this! :)


And lastly today, we have two BEAUTIFUL layouts by Lea Patterson! :) Lea used Summer and Max & Mollie on these!! LOVE them! :)

Now....I have been LUCKY enough to have a lot of projects sent to me this month...SO, we are HAVING ANOTHER "SHOWCASE ON YOU!" this month! YAY! I will be back on the 28th of this month, with MORE BEAUTIFUL projects to share with you! Thanks so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it! :)

~~Julie TW~~


MarĂ­a Castillo said...

Love all the projects!!

Becky Moore said...

Great projects!!

Jodi said...

Wow!!! those kids have some amazing talent!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us from the younger generation!!! :-)

Diana Fisher said...

Thank you so much for sharing Nate's work. He is going to be so excited when I show him this post tonight. He loves the Raining/Pouring line and has made so many cute things with it.

GLOANN said...

Wonderful work by the younger scrappers! So enjoyed seeing Heather's LOs and cards.

Stacy said...

WOW!!! Wonderful projects everyone :)

Nati Tristan said...

These are all so beautiful!!

Liz said...

Yay so cute the kids are so cute and so talented how fun. I love it they are starting so young yay

Linda Beeson said...

These are amazing! Did we know kids could be that creative??? Of course we did and these guys really showed off their talents!

Erica Marshall said...

Caitie was over the moon when she saw this! She's so proud of herself and can't wait to earn more "Nikki" paper!

Nikki said...

Great projects, love that garden arrangement... very clever! And that little boy is the cutest thing ever! Love that card he made!

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