Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye to 2009

It's that time of year that we reflect on our achievements, failures, and all the blessings in our lives. I am planning a "welcome party to 2010" for my family in hopes that it is a wonderful year. It is an even-numbered year and that is usually a good sign for me! So, to share the fun of welcoming the new year, I created party poppers for our dinner entertainment... I used Nikki's North Pole Lights collection for the decoration and toilet paper rolls as the base. They are super easy to do and fun for everyone! Here is a peek and a picture tutorial for you to create your own for the big day!
Gather the materials:
Tissue paper (I recycled the Christmas box liners!), ribbon, empty toilet paper rolls, glue or strong ATG tape, Nikki's patterned papers, letters or other embellishments, and small trinkets ir candy.

Step 1: Wrap the roll in tissue paper. You can double it up with 2 colors or just single layer it. I measured mine to be 7" x 14".
Use the double sided tape or a few lines of quick drying glue to hold it on while rolling.

Step 2: Cut papers to add over the tissue paper wrapped roll. Cut a piece 4 1/2" x 5" to wrap around a standard roll of TP. You can also add a strip of ribbon or another pattern over it to embellish.
Step 3: Embellish with letters to spell out the recipient's name or 2010 or whatever you want! I also added some of Nikki's quick cut embellishments too with a glue dot to hold it on.

Step 4: Tie one end of the roll with ribbon to hold it closed and fill with goodies that are small enough to fit. I used Hershey kisses and some small toys and ornaments. Tie the other end closed.
Next up is a layout I did featuring Nikki's North Pole Lights collection. We got an Elf on the Shelf for my oldest son to "keep an eye on him for Santa" and it was fun finding him each day in new locations all over the house. We had to say goodbye to Elfie for this year, but he will be back when we least expect it. I used Nikki's cute elf paper and stamps to create this layout. This was perfect with my theme!
I hope you liked my creations this month and I will be back to share my January artwork at the end of the month! For now, Happy New Year to you all!



jacque4u2c said...

What a great idea on the tp rolls. I think this would make a great party favor for my 9 year olds next party. Thanks for the deets! Very adorable layout too!!!!

Nathalie said...

I love your party poppers idea!!! And how perfect is North Pole Nights for all the Elf on a Shelf out there? ;) Cute page Jen!

Nikki said...

Jen- those party poppers are the best!! I think I'm going to have to make some for my family! LOVE THE IDEA!:) I didn't even think about my "elf" paper being perfect for Elf on the Shelf layouts! How fun! Thanks for all the great ideas and creations! Happy New Year!!

Jessica Wilson said...

Great innovative project!! Love it...so clever and fun. I love your layout also!! Happy New Year to everyone! Love, Jess

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Love the toilet paper roll idea! Brilliant creation!
and what a sweet layout! Very cute papers!
TFS! and Happy New Year to you and your family :)
~ margie

scrappermimi said...

These are brilliant! I love the idea and you rocked them! TFS!

sarah said...

happy new year's, nikki! :)

did you receive the fedex pkg?


Janet's Joy said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Suzanne said...

What a fun idea!!! Happy New Year!

Deana said...

Very cute, Jen!

Happy 2010! :-)

Kelly C said...

I love the party popper idea!! How adorable!

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