Friday, November 21, 2014

I have a great tip for everyone today...

I love the old, tried and true Jergens lotion, I've used it since high school. Last weekend I was at my moms and she had 3 bottles all upside down in a bowl. I thought this was odd, but I had to know what she was up too (she's always up to something)! My mom told me that she drains them because one bottle has close to another several weeks worth of lotion. Hmm... I've wondered about this before, thinking that I was wasting what was left.

Once I was back home one of my bottles was no longer "pumping" lotions, I sat it upside down in a bowl over night then the next morning I hit the sides of the bottle until every last bit was out. My goodness I had a lot more left that I had been wasting!

Here is my tip....
After you empty the bottle then put some lavender oil drops in the bowl, stir it well, put a lid on it (I use a small plastic bowl) and put it on or inside your bedside table to lube up those hands and arms up before bed. I love lavender lotion at night, its so soothing, calming and smells so nice.
(I put the oil in bath water too.)

Have a great weekend!
Our son, Henry, is coming home from college (MU) today, we are having your Thanksgiving dinner tonight and he will be with us until Monday! We are thrilled and can't wait to see him!! Being an empty-nester has been so strange for us, he is greatly missed!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a great tip!! We use Nivea and have the same problem when the pump stops pumping! And YAY for Henry coming home .. have a wonderful Thanksgiving with him!!!!!!!

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