Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pictures Aren't Great But The Memories Are... Who Cares, Scrap Them Anyway!!

This layout is a great example of "not" great pictures but fantastic memories!!
My nephew, Noah and I were playing with my Polaroid camera and he was amazed that the pictures, how they came out of the camera and that he could hold them too. We had so much fun that day playing outside and inside but I was so busy being an Aunt that I didn't take any really great pictures so these little Polaroids and one iPhone picture was it! So cares?! The memories will last forever so scrapbook them anyway!! 

I'm so happy I decided to scrapbook these little pictures so I can always remember our time together but especially on that day! When our kids, nieces, nephews and whoever else looks back at our albums they are going to be looking at the pictures more then the actual layout so don't get caught up in the "my pictures aren't good enough to scrapbook" because really its all about the memories of that day not the quality of the photos!! 
Products used: My Minds Eye, Jenni Bowlin, Little Yellow Bicycle, Am Crafts, and Glue Arts. 
Happy Hump-day!! 
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeee this!! LOVING the stitching and loving that you scrapped these!!!!

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