Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Teaching Henry to Cook Before...

He leaves the "nest" for college next Fall. We are so excited that Henry has picked a college, MU, same college his dad attended law school.  I started thinking about what I needed to teach him before he left home, and cooking is always a good one to learn. I bought him this cookbook for Christmas and once a week, he picks a recipe he'd like to cook with me. 
All the recipes are made in 30 minutes and so far they are great!
This was our first meal, cheese burgers and sweet potato fries. 
Our second meal was homemade potato soup.
This soup was really good! 
Our third meal was chicken penne pasta.

Last weeks meal was my favorite one we've cooked so far!
Sausage, polenta with dried tomato balsamic vinaigrette!
Our little family of 3 eating dinner.

We are having so much fun, at first I felt like Henry wasn't overly excited about this plan of mine. Which I understand, most 18 yr boys don't want to cook with their step-mom... but he has really started enjoying the process. As well he is so proud of our meals. I love it because a few of these meals I wouldn't have made on my own so I get to learn some new recipes along the way. Mostly we are creating great food and memories together before he leaves home. 

Have a great "Hump" Day!!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I can't believe he is headed off to college!!!! Where is little Henry from Henry's Brilliance??? :) Loving the photos!! Looks like he is loving to cook which is great!!! And he is looking like Dan more and more :)

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