Thursday, September 19, 2013

Farming, a Goat and a Sweet Family

I realize that most of my blog post are about scrapbooking, my business, my nieces and nephews and of course my dogs! Rarely do I mention, except in passing that I have siblings whom have made me an aunt about 9 times. They're all very exceptional in their own way and I have a close relationship with all 6 of them. I'm the oldest and feel like the mother of most of them, so I brag a lot to my friends about all of them. Today I wanted to REALLY brag on my brother, DJ, the middle child. Dj's 9 years younger than I, has always been very sweet and a little shy at times, but alway danced to the beat of his own drums (which I love).  I can not express how very proud I am of him, he's stepped out of our fast pace world and created a perfect little farm for himself and his family. We weren't raised on a farm an no one in our family is a farmer but this was his dream, one acre and animal at a time he's creating a farm. I can actually say he's a farmer. 
Dj has a terrific wife, Tanya, and 2 kids, Alex and Jacob.  As well as a herd of cattle, goats, and a new horse. This is one very hard working family and I can't imagine what it takes to run a farm, have a wife working full time (in the city-about 30 mins away) and 2 kids but they do it and they do it very well! 
I'm proud of DJ for doing and creating his hearts desire, and I'm sure I have no clue of all the heartaches along the way but I love him for all that he has done and is doing. 
Here are some pictures of this beautiful family on their farm...
Jacob and his goat!
 Look at both of their eyes in this picture. They are both like "hey, who are you" and "hey, who are you"!! Love it! 

This is DJ on his horse "Sissy". 
I love that name, because that's what he has called me his entire life. Isn't she beautiful!!
This is his wife, Tanya, who is a sweetheart and I can't tell you how happy I am that she's my sister in law! I'm proud to call her a sister!!
DJ decide to build a barn, a very huge barn, this past winter and this is the result. But here's the kicker, he and my dad have done this all by themselves!! Yep, you heard me right... just the 2 of them have built this magnificent barn. I'm not sure where I'd even start, and he built this! Talented man!!
One of great pieces in this barn are the windows that will go in it, they were in my grandma's old house. He thought looking out of them everyday would remind him of our grandparents. 
How sweet is that! 
I love this evening picture of his barn.
I wish I had a picture of Alex on the Farm but I don't so until I do...
 this is sweet Alex on the first day of school. 
I love you DJ...
I hope you know and will never forget that I'm so very proud of you!

Have a great rest of the week! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I would be proud too!! Loving the photos!! That barn is AMAZING!!!

Donna Spina Lebeduik said...

What a wonderful life they have. Beautiful family and what talented guys to have built such a gorgeous barn!

Unknown said...

WOW! Love the story about your brother! I can see why you are so proud of him and his family how cool they followed their dream and are now living it! That barn is gorgeous!!

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