Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh how I love Spring....

It seems like we live outside in the Springtime here at our house! 
Start our day with coffee on the back porch and end our day walking the pups outside. 
Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year! 
In fact Dan took a picture of Bella helping me blog early this morning...
 I swear Bella doesn't take a bad pic! 

We've had a really rough last week around here, Dan's mom had a stroke
on Mother's Day (a week from today) and it was a bad one. She's been moved 
to a full rehab hospital and they are awesome! All the nurses and therapist are 
upbeat an fantastic, we are so luck to have her there. 
She has a long road ahead of her and it will take time and patients but we
all know she can do it! 
I've had a handful of people send me a link to this video and honestly
everyone should watch it so you will know if you or someone you love
is having a stroke, even if your loved one has had a stroke, you should watch it,
so you will know exactly what they might have gone through. 
Jill Bolte is the speaker in this video and she had a stroke and tells the
story of herself having the actual stroke.
Her is the link to her video on Ted 
(Ted is awesome place to watch great speakers):

If you watch her video and want more info here is the book she wrote, 
we are reading it too. Trying to get as much insight to what my MIL went 
through and what she will go through too. 
We ordered our copy on Amazon

We appreciate all the prayers and love sent her way! 
Have a great Sunday!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That video was very good! Wow! To go what she went through... praying for Dan's Mom and hope that she will pull through okay! :)

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry about Dan's mom.
I saw this on facebook so I have been praying. Praying she continues to do well and has a full recovery!
Prayers & hugs

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