Sunday, September 19, 2010

BooVille- My Halloween Costume Mini Book

I love Halloween.  It's so much fun and my kids always enjoy dressing up in their costumes and running around the neighborhood collecting candy.  I created this little brag book to document the special costumes that my kids have had throughout the years.  I actually only got about 6 years worth in this little book so I guess I will be making another.  

My mom, who always made me my costumes each year has continued the tradition with her grandchildren.  Each year they go to the fabric store and pick out what they want to be and the fabric to make it with.  I am so proud of my mom and her sewing abilities that I wanted to create a little book dedicated to her work each year.

Each set of pages show pictures of my kids for that year.  This was Halloween 1999.

I used Nikki's Halloween line in the 6x6 paper pad to cover the house chipboard book.  The paper pads are the perfect size for the chipboard books.  This house book cuts out really quick because all of the straight lines.

I love all of the fun cutouts too.  These are available on the 12x12 individual papers.  The small bat, pumpkins, and strip of bats are some of the cutouts that you can use.

Each one of the papers in this Halloween line is fun and perfect for any costume pictures.

This last black page will be where I will put my journaling of the stories behind each costume.  I love that the kids will know each of these stories, event the ones where they are so little that they don't really even remember the trick or treating.

Here is one of my stories.  In the picture above, my son, decided that he could deal with a sword and cape so my mom and me picked this medieval costume.  He was about 5 and I figured that this was probably the last year that I would be able to get him into tights.  (Fun story about that too but I figure that I won't embarrass him too bad on the internet.  So we told him he was Zoro and as he is running through the neighborhood we would run into people we knew and they would ask him what he was.    With a confident shout and a point of his sword he would say to anyone that asked, "I'm Zero!"  Many laughs followed.  It is these stories and more that I hope to preserve for my kids and my mom who so loving sewed each of costumes year after year.

I would love to hear about your special Halloween stories.  If you pop over my blog and leave your favorite Halloween story in the comment section you will be entered to win a little Halloween blog candy from me. Contest ends Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at midnight CST.  I also have another small project that I will be sharing as well.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!! That is JUST the CUTEST mini EVER!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it....what a FAB idea to show their costumes through the years and I loveeeeeeeeeeee that your Mom made them ALL!! WOW!!!! TALENTED!!!! And love love love love the "Zero" story...toooooooooooo CUTE!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Kelly Massman said...

Cute mini and what a fun story! :-)

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, and wow again! You just could not have picked a more perfect shape for your album plus those papers! They were made for you idea and what a cute idea it is.

Cynthia Baldwin said...

What an amazing mini! And your mom is amazing too, for sewing costumes year after year. :)
My favorite Halloween story is about the year my son decided that he wasn't going trick or treating. He was in third grade, and he asked us, "why get dressed up? What's the point??" (He could be a pretty serious little guy.)
So- Halloween night, my husband and I take our daughter trick-or-treating, and my son Nick stays with our neighbors outside on our street to pass out candy to other kids (a tradition on our block).
About 15 minutes later, I come back to check on him, and he's changed his mind at last.
He decides to just go as "Glowstick boy", since he had some glowsticks on, and he happily ran from house to house...just as any child should do on Halloween! (happy ending. Whew. ;)

Tiff said...

Christine's work is amazing! Great use of the album, fun papers, and all those cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous mini book! So fun to show all those wonderful costumes. I really like the idea. Thank you for sharing!

Nikki said...

Great idea Christine!! I need to make one of Henry through the years!! Love all those customs too! Great mini album!

Unknown said...

"Booville" is adorable. I've been wanting to do something for my daughter (when she was younger) and for my grandkids since I made all my daughter's costumes and my hubby/me made alot of the grandkids too. Last year my grandson was a green "Lego". We painted a cardboard box and added round chipboard boxes to the front. He got so many compliments. I'm loving the way you constructed the tree on "Tree Love". How unique! I think I'll give that a shot for a spring page with pastel colors.

leah said...

Awww.... super cute!

Juanita Nelson said...


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