Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

I love "Throwback Thursday"!
 It is so fun and I love seeing everyones pictures on Facebook and Instagram from back in the day. I have a few here for you too, all these are meaningful to me in one way or another. Let me share the stories...

These two cuties are my uncles, my uncle Steve and uncle Danny. My moms brothers, that I grew up with, loved and adored. (They adored me too!) Here they are holding me, when they came back from Vietnam. These two loved and adorned me daily, they would also use me to pick up ladies too! I don't blame them tho.. LOL! I always felt very loved by them. Sadly, my uncle Steve died a few years ago to a brain aneurysm, he is the one not holding me. He is missed greatly, such a wonderful human being and man.  Kindness descried him 100%!  
So this picture has always cracked me up... the little toe-head boy is my younger brother Ryan and his little neighbor girl friend. Can you see that he has peed his shorts? This child wanted to play 100% of the time and was a wild-child too. I would ask him "Ryan do you need to go to the bathroom?" he'd say "no, sissy. I fine."! Really???  Look at the front of his shorts! I think he needed to go... when I asked him, but he didn't want to stop "play" to go to the bathroom. This is one of my favorite pictures growing up. Love that boy so much to this very day!
This is my little sister Emily, I just love this picture, its framed and up in my kitchen so I can see it everyday. I love my arm around her, love our similes and just love her!! 
This is my very first friend, and best friend for years. We were neighbors and went to school together, and our moms where the best of friend too! We both were casted for the Bambi play here in Springfield. I was the skunk and she was the rabbit. 
Sharon Arnold and Nikki Kinney in 1977.
I really need to scrapbook these and tell the stories so I'll always remember and so other will know the stories behind them. 
Have a great day!


Scrapthat said...

I have a feeling your brother is REALLY gonna love you girl! Bwahhhaaa!
That picture would actually make a great card about TRUE friendship! LOL
You should scrap them!!
TFS great pics

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwww that last photo would BE PERFECT with your Max & Mollie papers!!!!!!!

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