Thursday, December 1, 2011

A hanging mobile featuring Gingerbread Land! :)

 Hi everyone! :) Julie with you here today and I wanted to share a hanging mobile that I made for one of my other DT's that I am on :)

Our challenge for my other DT was to make a hanging mobile... and at first - I actually wasn't going to do the I couldn't figure out an idea for this one...then one day I was looking through a catalog that came in my mail... and LOOKY there -----inspiration from a catalog :)

Of course, mine's not solar powered lol!! But I have some ornaments that my Mom painted for me several years ago... and I thought.. I can do something like this! So, I did! :)

This is what I started out with :)

The round box is a box I found at Michaels awhile ago - since the lid was missing - I got it on clearance for dirt cheap ;) Gotta love a bargain :) Before I put paper on the round box, I poked holes in it to make room for my wires :)
I used a pencil to wrap the wire around to give it the curly look :)

I thought Nikki's Gingerbread Land was perfect for my mobile :)

And here is my mobile all put together :)

For the punch outs that I placed on top - I used my X-acto knife to cut a slit in the round box and then just carefully put the punch outs in the slit to stand them up :)

The punch outs were also very easy to glue onto my Mom's ornaments and to cover the part where my curly wires met up with the ornament hooks - I simply glued the punch outs to cover those spots! :)

You can see in this photo that I added paper on the under side of the round box :) Since this is hanging up high -- I wanted to make sure that the kraft side wouldn't show :) Also you can see in this photo that all I did was push my curly wires through the holes I had poked in the beginning and then I just gathered the wires at the top and twisted them all together to stay in place :)

Make sure to stop by tomorrow as Nikki has a FREE gift or all of YOU that will help you with the hustle and bustle of your Holiday's! :)

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate it :)
~~Julie :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

sooo cute! i love the gingerbread line!

debz said...

Absolutely awesome what a great idea!

Jamilie said...

OMG that is stunning!!

Laurel said...

Such an amazing mobile!

Carina Lindholm said...

WOW!!! this is amazing!!

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

What a great idea for a mobile.

Linda said...

How cute is that and clever too! Great idea!

Lea said...

What a great project JUlie!!!
Love it, hugs Lea

Deana said...

So cute, Julie!

Nikki Sivils said...

Oh my Julie you out did yourself on this one!! Such a great idea and great blog post for December 1! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, Julie - this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm totaly in love with it and totally in love with this paper collection!! Thank you SO much for giving us the opportunity to work with it!!

Naomi said...

This project is amazing!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, how creative!

Becky Dunham said...

Wow! This is amazing!

Linda Beeson said...

This is the cutest project! LOVE all of your photos and such a cute thing to work with with a child!

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