Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bella's update...

Well, as you all can see she is feeling a little bit better! She is out of the playpen now and has free range of the house again, however she is meaner that ever!! Starting fights with sweet Savannah and Alfred. (Mostly Alfred!!) Dan and I have both been bit in the process as well. If she was a large animal we'd have to put her down, really she has become that hateful. Our vet says she's just still not feeling well and is letting the other dogs know to leave her alone. So last week I found this t-shirt and had to get it for her...it says "I tried to be sweet but I got Bored"! Well that pretty much says it all. She now has an infection and we are treating it with antibiotics, so she still can't do her Pet Therapy visit. Hopefully next month. Thanks for all your prayers and e-mails. -Love Nikki and Bella

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sssalad said...

I'm glad to see Bella is doing better! The shirt is perfect! Too bad she is being so difficult - hopefully that won't last long! Hmmm - she sounds like a typical teenager. How old is she? LOL

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