Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bella's update.....

Well, we have Bella home; however she is still a very sick girl! We have to keep her down so she has to be in a crate or playpen all day and night. (Unless we are holding her.) So because no one would want to be confined to a small crate all day we put her in a child's playpen and she seem to be fine with it. But when we put her in her crate, that by the way she's had since puppy-hood and was fine with it before, is now hating it. And I mean HATING IT!!! So the playpen it is! Bella is on a strict diet with very little water and a 3 medicines that she has to take every 30 minutes before she eats her food twice a day. We have to start giving her medicine a hour and a half before meal time. We'll be doing this for several weeks, but we don't care as long as we have her with us!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

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sssalad said...

I have been so worried about your little one! I am glad to see she is doing a bit better! Take care!

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