Friday, March 14, 2014


I have to say this is one of the better chocolate cakes I've ever made! So moist and really easy to make/bake! (Recipes below.) I didn't use the icing recipe that was with the cake recipe b/c I didn't want chocolate icing I wanted Vanilla Buttercream icing!! YUM!
Tip: )most of you might know this already but I got this from my mom) Once the cakes are cooled and ready for the icing, place the first cake upside down so the rounded top is on the plate bottom, then ice the top (which will be flat b/c its the bottom of the cake). Then once iced do the same with the top cake, so the flat bottom is on top. Why do this... well its for looks only! LOL... so, it really doesn't matter, but it does make a really pretty cake, that's perfectly round and portioned. 

Put all the icing left on top of the cake then ice the cake from the center out to the sides and edges. 
Now that you've got a beautiful cake... its time to dig in!!
The Best Chocolate Cake Ever Recipe from: Add A Pinch
Quick and Yummy Buttercream icing from: Food Network

Hope you have a great weekend... sit back relax, eat cake and check out the March edition of Create Magazine (it is free)!!

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