Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Every year I pick a word to live by instead of setting resolutions for the New Year.  
This year I picked “Inspire”.
-Be inspired by others.
-Inspire people to be the best they can be.
-Inspire people to do good things.
-Inspire random acts of kindness.
-Inspire creativity.
-Inspire to just inspire.

INSPIRE...That's my word for 2013.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!
 –Nikki & Bella-Blue 


Donna Spina Lebeduik said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Nikki! Thanks for all your inspiration!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Adorable pic! And LOVING your OLW for 2013!! Happy New Year!!

Monique Liedtke said...

A very very happy New Year to you too Nikki!! And for me you've always been a source of inspiration! Can't wait to see what 2013 will bring!

Erica Marshall said...

Great word and something you do very well! I have been very inspired by the Winter Wonderland Goodie Box I got and have made some great stuff! Thanks and Happy New Year!

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