Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm back from vacation and shipping!

Hi everyone! Well its about time I'm here blogging again! After CHA we only had about a week to take a family vacation before we start shipping. So off to Colorado we went! We pulled our 5th wheel with Henry and 2 of our pups, Bella and Nico. 
Here is our 5th Wheel in KS, we stopped half way to break up the trip.
Here is our Henry, this is pretty much how he spent the 2 day car ride.
This is the view from our RV at our campsite in Estes Park.
It was so beautiful!
Nico discovered the river and loved it! He jumped in and out, tried biting the water it was glorious for him! 
 Nico next to a sign at our campsite!
Isn't this just beautiful, this is in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. We drove to the top of the mountain and had dinner then drove back down. A great drive!
The dogs and Dan hanging out.
(Where is Henry, you might ask... well he's inside the RV plaing his x-box. Teenagers!)
We also went to Canyon City to see the Royal Gorge! It was beautiful and scary, looking down... all the way day was the strangest feeling. 
We drove and walked across the bridge. 
I have 100's of more pictures but won't bore you with my family vacation pictures! LOL! We had a great time and made some great memories too! 

We spent this last week shipping all 5 of the new releases! 
We also have a referral program, refer a retail store (online too) and if they buy product for their store then you get a nice gift! The store will just need to let us know your name and contact info. We've received 3 referrals this week and the gifts have been sent to these lovely ladies that told their favorite store about Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker!  

Here are the 5 new collections:
Created by Rae Barthel

Created by Katrina Hunt

Created by Jennifer Yates

Created by Deana Boston

Created by Sarah Eclavea

Scrapbook News and Reviews is featuring Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker in their latest issue! You can find it here: SNR after 6 pm (Saturday).  They have some great features and its a great online magazine! 

Have a great weekend! -Nikki


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like an amazing trip Nikki! Loveeeeeeeee all the photos! And Yayyyyyyyyyy for new goodies headed to the stores! :):):):):):)

jill said...

There are going to be some excited store owners receiving fab product!!! Love all the vaca photos, Nikki. The one on the bridge is very cool. And you are brave to take 2 dogs of your trip -- we leave Kayna home on the farm when we go......with our 2 cats & 3 new baby kitties (yikes!!!).

Linda Beeson said...

I"m thinking you had a great time from the looks of those photos! I LOVE cloud photos.

Fabi Ormerod said...

I lol with your boy picture...i have a 15 yo stepdaughter and the pictures are very similar Nikki! Ohhh im in love with the new collections, mostly the monsters and hoot...and last, but not least...thanks for showcasing the event on SNR...its really great!!! We were all very happy to work with your collections, they are awsome!!!! ;)

Stacy said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time on vacation and some needed R&R!!! Love all the creations from the team, they rock!!!

taka said...

Glad you & Dan took a well deserved vacation! It was nice to see you at CHA.

I still owe you an English translation of the Japanese article - haven't forgotten! LOL!

Great idea on the referral and thanks for the shout out about SNR!!

Margie H said...

P.S. Oops, guess the account was signed in with my DS' name (Taka) - it's MargieH in Chicago! LOL!

Katrina said...

Oh man...I wanna go to Colorado!!!!!! Love the pics!!!

leah said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!

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