Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bella is...

Here is a page is recently did about our little sweet pea, not!! Well, she can be, but she is a terrier too!!!!! I didn't want to cut up or cover up this great paper, so I cut out the center and and put Bella's picture from the bottom up. I hand stitched the yellow circles and used a sewing machine on the edges after sanding, tearing and inking the edges too. Then I just started putting rhinestones, brads and stickles everywhere. I even put a "full length" photo of Bella under the little frame with a bow on top! The journaling, I had to think about b/c again I didn't want to cover up this cool paper, so I wrote "Bella is" on the small blue petals, then wrote the rest of the sentence on the larger blue flower petals. I'm lovin' this l/'s all kinda crazy and wild!! Bye Bye -Nikki

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