Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was lovin' these colors and made this layout about our newest rescue Alfred...a Yorkie mix!! He is such a cutie pie and so very sweet. We are still trying to find the perfect home for him, but our requirements for him are VERY high, so he's with us until then. We'd love to keep him, however our Bella, hates him and picks on him all the time!! (3 fights yesterday) Bella spent most of her day in and out of "doggie" time out....her crate!!! Anyway wanted to share this l/o of Alfred, looking out the car, his favorite thing in the world.....car rides!!! Oh and Walks too!!! Happy day to all.........Nikki


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki
We are very excited to see what you have to offer. Two of my freinds will be attending CHA, one has a scrapstore in Denmark and the other is planning scrap-a-mania.dk with me. (a big scrapbooking convention in Denmark) If you would like to use us as a door to the Danish market, please contact me at: lisbethzibandtsen@hotmail.com and check out www.scrap-a-mania.dk

tricia said...

Looove this!!!

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