Thursday, August 7, 2008


I did this page to honor my sweet Savannah. (I rescued her out of someones front yard, tied to a tree with her muzzle rubber band shut.) I asked the people that had her tied to the tree if I could have her, and they said I had to pay for her, so I gave them all the money in my wallet, $31.00!! This is the best $31 dollars I've EVER spent. Savannah needed a lot of work, and some TLC. She has now become a Pet Therapy dog for adults with disabilities and a rehab hospital. We are so luck to have her in our lives, she is a true angel and I wanted to show case her in all her beauty!!

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sssalad said...

What a wonderful thing you did rescuing Savannah! She is such a beautiful dog. I hate to hear when people mistreat dogs - some people act like they are just throw away objects like trash. It breaks my heart. They are such sweet creatures and deserve to be treated that way! Thanks for sharing your story!

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